Yemi Alade’s ‘Baddie’ Secures Victory for Best Music Video at Trace Awards

Yemi Alde

In a spectacular triumph at the esteemed Trace Awards, Nigerian sensation Yemi Alade claimed victory in the Best Music Video category with her dynamic hit, ‘Baddie.’


The music video mesmerized audiences with its infectious dance sequences, impeccably choreographed by the talented Incredible Zigi, and Yemi Alade’s charismatic stage presence, delivering an unforgettable visual spectacle.


From the moment ‘Baddie’ graced screens, the mesmerizing dance moves stole the spotlight. Incredible Zigi, celebrated for his exceptional dance prowess and inventive choreography, took the lead as the principal dancer in the video alongside his Afrozig dance group. Their dynamic movements seamlessly complemented Alade’s high-energy performance, elevating the visual experience to unprecedented heights.


The music video not only showcased Yemi Alade’s undeniable talent but also underscored the synergy between music and dance. Zigi brought his exceptional ability to craft captivating dance routines that resonated with audiences. His distinct style, fusing afrobeats, contemporary dance, and street dance, injected a fresh and dynamic energy into the ‘Baddie’ music video.

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Recognizing the potential for engagement, a dance challenge inspired by the choreography in ‘Baddie’ was initiated by Africa’s dance sensation, Incredible Zigi. This challenge quickly became a viral sensation, captivating dance enthusiasts worldwide. Social media platforms were flooded with videos showcasing individuals and dance groups putting their unique spin on the challenge, solidifying ‘Baddie’ as a global anthem that transcended borders and united people through the universal language of dance.


It’s no surprise that ‘Baddie’ clinched the Best Music Video award at the Trace Awards, a groundbreaking event that celebrates the creativity, talent, and impact of African and Afro-inspired musicians and artists—a first of its kind.


Anticipation now mounts for the next artistic collaboration between Yemi Alade and the incredible dance maestro, Incredible Zigi.

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Written by Grace Boahene

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