Woman Gives Birth after 11 years of childlessness

Mwalimu Wesley Kiplagat and his wife Jane Kirui are now proud parents of a lively baby girl named Natalie Jelimo.

Their journey to parenthood spanned 11 challenging years, marked by numerous attempts at conceiving, including visits to prominent hospitals such as Tenwek, all without success.

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The Emurua Dikir couple even contemplated the idea of Mwalimu Kiplagat taking a second wife in the hopes of having a child. However, six months later, their prayers were answered, and they welcomed their own baby.

The couple, married in 2012, faced societal pressures and judgments, with Jane being unfairly labeled as barren. Despite these challenges, Kiplagat remained steadfast in supporting his wife.

Their quest for a child took them to major hospitals, culminating in disappointing news from Tenwek Hospital, where Jane was informed of her inability to conceive. Undeterred, they pursued traditional treatments before meeting a new doctor in the area.

This doctor, emphasizing the role of faith and divine healing, administered an injection as part of the treatment. Miraculously, after fervent prayers during a New Year worship service, Jane fell ill and later discovered she was pregnant.

Overjoyed, Kiplagat named their baby Natalie after his favorite student. The couple, now parents of two, experienced the birth of a baby boy in June 2023, after initially considering polygamy.

Kiplagat emphasizes the significance of God’s timing and expresses immense gratitude for their long-awaited blessing. The couple looks forward to expanding their family, aspiring to have four more children.

In a similar narrative, a woman who endured an 11-year wait for motherhood shared her joy on TikTok after giving birth to quintuplets. The video garnered enthusiastic responses, with many users celebrating the blessings and tapping into the joyous occasion

Mwalimu Kiplagat.


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Written by George Addo

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