Lady Marries Her Friend’s Side Boo: “You Saved The Man From Wasting His Time And Money With Her”


A viral TikTok video shows how a woman married her friend’s side lover after accompanying her to visit him

The woman revealed that she and her friend’s side lover had an instant connection and started communicating with each other

They now have a child and have been happily married for several years

A shocking TikTok video has captured the attention of thousands of viewers, as it reveals the story of how a woman ended up marrying her friend’s side lover.

The woman explained that she went with her friend to see her friend’s secret boyfriend.

Photo of man and woman

However, things took an unexpected turn when she felt a strong attraction to the man and they exchanged phone numbers.

Eventually, they decided to get married. They now have a beautiful child and have been living a blissful married life for several years.

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Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Nancyswitest185 reacted:

“That is why I don’t have female friends. I can’t relate to betrayals from friends. females reason with their bombom most times.”

Evip said:

“I’m sure she snitched on her friend for her to marry the man…God abege.”


“You will lose em how you got em.”


“I understood she met her husband when her friend went to see her side boo meaning there was another man apart from the side boo.”


“May I get no friend like this.”

Motola tosyne:

“Girl code anyone? cause omohhhhhh.”


Mudy Bauer:

“You saved the man from wasting time and money with her.”

Barbie doll:

“This is why am always alone, i want no friendsee.”

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“May i never find such a friend abeg.”

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Written by Emmanuel Nuotah

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