Pretty Ghanaian Public School Teacher Engages In Social Media Challenge With Her Students


Belinda Oppong, a Ghanaian teacher, has shared a delightful video capturing the spirit of joyful learning in her public school, showcasing creativity and camaraderie among students.

In the video, students enthusiastically participated in a fun social media challenge initiated by Belinda. The lighthearted moment featured students playfully denying being the teacher through humorous gestures and walks. Each student, in turn, mimicked funny walks and hand gestures while repeating the phrase, “I am not the teacher.”

The highlight of the video occurred when a confident student dramatically declared his non-teacher status just before Belinda made her entrance. Dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans, Belinda briskly approached the camera with a warm smile and proudly proclaimed, “I am the teacher.”


Pretty Ghanaian public school teacher engages in a social media challenge with her students

The heartwarming finale depicted all the students rushing towards Belinda with enthusiasm, embracing her in a show of affection. This heartening scene not only illustrates the positive and engaging atmosphere created by Belinda in her classroom but also emphasizes the strong connection between teachers and students. It showcases the fostering of a love for learning and the creation of unforgettable memories in the process.

Watch the video below:

Comments on the video

Several people reacted to the video. Read them below:

@Enilart said:

So adorable

@johnbosco_gh wrote:

Why would these kids ever want to miss school? You’re doing a great work.

@_Henrykwabena said:

This is so lovely ❤❤❤

@vonbot wrote:

We need more teachers like you. You are an inspiration

@WILLIAMSAB17601 said:

That last boy go worry ooo ei

@theKwakuatta wrote:

Best Madam Ever ❤

@FoleyGiftson said:

Doing well to make these kids love school God bless you, madam Akosua

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Written by Grace Boahene

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