Please adjust your rates – Sefa tells TikTok influencers

Echoke hitmaker, Sefa, has brought to notice the financial challenges faced by musicians in Ghana.

According to her, despite TikTok influencers playing an important role in promoting songs on the TikTok app, they should at least consider reducing the price rates.

Narrating her experience with TikTok influencers she said;

“Yes, that is the new social media now, if you compare TikTok to the social media as used to have, the engagement there is more as compared to what we used to have and as a creative, you want to always push your music so there is no harm in trying.”

“We pay money for influencers always, for them to promote our songs, and looking at the marketing side, it helps but there is a lot of things that comes together to make the song a hit song, it’s not just about paying, you can pay 100 influencers and a song won’t hit, but it’s just a bit of it and it’s just part of the creative process.

“The influencers take a lot of money, 20,000 Cedis, 30,000 cedis, 40,000 cedis and it’s more of like you’re asking or paying for their services and they can’t do it for free because that is how they also eat, that’s how they make money and the entertainment sector consists of various kinds; music, dancers, influencers so that’s how they also eat.”

“I think they can do something about the prices because music in Ghana does not pay as compared to outside, they should reduce the prices.” She pleaded.

The majority of Ghanaians believe artists make huge sums of money from music but Sefa drops out the secret which most artists find difficulty to split out.

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Written by Angela Dede Sackey

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