“My wig cost 10 million Nair”-BBNaija’s Uriel brags (Video)

Uriel, a former BBNaija star, recently shared the eye-popping cost of the wig she adorned at a recent event.

During a conversation with a journalist at the event, she disclosed that the price tag for the wig reached an astonishing 10 million Naira (equivalent to GHS 154,211).

The interviewer expressed visible surprise at the extravagant cost of the wig, to which Uriel stressed that the wig holds a crucial place in her personal brand. She emphasized that she personally made the substantial investment in the wig as an integral aspect of her image

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Additionally, Uriel revealed that her extravagant grooming accessories, comprising lashes, nails, shoes, and earrings, incurred costs of 45,000 Naira, 30,000 Naira, 128,000 Naira, and 4,000 Naira, respectively.

Despite sharing these specific details, she emphatically denied any romantic involvement with Groovy, making it clear that they were not in a relationship.

Conversely, when asked about the rumored inclination toward dating younger men, Uriel chose not to comment on the matter.

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Written by Emmanuel Nuotah

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