Kasoa Residents Unite: Demanding Better Roads, One Protest at a Time

Kasoa, a town with its own set of challenges, is making headlines once again, but this time, the spotlight is on its residents and their determination to drive change.

In a compelling show of unity and frustration, Kasoa residents took to the streets, blocking the roads and urging the government to tackle the deteriorating state of their highway.

Black and Red Unite

In a video that has quickly gone viral, the protesters, dressed predominantly in black and red, stand together with a sense of purpose.

Many of them sport red bands as they make their demand for the government to address the road issues that have plagued their daily lives. It’s a powerful visual representation of a community pushed to the edge.

The Police’s Attempts

Despite the presence of law enforcement, the police’s attempt to bring the situation under control proved ineffective. The residents remained undeterred by the police’s involvement, demonstrating the depth of their frustration and the urgency they feel about this issue.

Gridlock and Standstill

As the residents took to the streets in protest against the deteriorating road conditions, one immediate consequence was clear—heavy traffic on the Kasoa highway. It was a powerful statement that showcased the community’s resolve.

The Background

This wasn’t a spontaneous act. It was the result of days of mounting frustration and a growing desire for change. Just a few days ago, a group calling itself the “Concerned Residents of Kasoa” announced their intention to march through the streets to protest against the poor road network.

The planned demonstration, under the banner “FixKasoaHighway,” was scheduled for Friday, October 20, 2023. Its aim was to call on residents, commuters, and all concerned parties to express their displeasure at the sorry state of the international highway that runs through their town.

A Long-Overdue Protest

The statement signed by Akwasi Addo, Kwame Addo, and Kwasi Kusi Damoah, the conveners of the Concerned Residents of Kasoa, made it clear that this protest was long overdue.

They highlighted the severe impact of the current deplorable state of the highway, which had resulted in job losses, loss of lives, and life-threatening situations, particularly at the toll booth.

The statement underlined the residents’ trust in the leadership of the country and local stakeholders to address the issue promptly. However, their patience wore thin as they saw their situations deteriorate without a corresponding improvement in their living conditions.

Demonstrations as a Last Resort

The residents viewed demonstrations as the quickest and most effective tool to convey their message to the government and demand immediate action.

They had reached a point where they believed that strong, collective action was the only way to get the attention their cause deserved.

“And so, at this point, we trust the demonstration as the quickest instrument to carry our message to the government for an immediate response,” the statement emphasized.

A Call for Unity

The Concerned Residents of Kasoa urged all residents of Kasoa and its surroundings to join hands in this much-anticipated demonstration against the government and its related agencies. Their message was clear: they needed the community’s support to make this protest a resounding success.

A Plea for Peace

As they geared up for the demonstration, the conveners also pleaded with the police to exhibit a high level of professionalism during the protest to ensure that peace prevails.

They called upon the participants to act in accordance with the laws of the state, emphasizing the importance of a peaceful and lawful protest.

In Kasoa, the residents have found their voice and, quite literally, taken to the streets to demand change.

This demonstration is not just about a road; it’s about a community united by a common cause, determined to make their voices heard, and taking steps to ensure a better future for themselves and generations to come.

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Written by Emmanuel Nuotah

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