Surviving the Sea: A Nigerian Man’s Harrowing Journey to Canada and Back

In a compelling narrative shared online, a courageous young Nigerian man recounted his daring move to migrate to Canada by sea in 2018. Accompanied by photos taken during his journey from Lagos to Togo, he shed light on the harsh realities he and his fellow passengers faced.

According to the man, a total of 105 people embarked on the perilous journey, but only seven managed to survive the unforgiving weather conditions. He vividly described the challenges encountered during the sea voyage, including the boat driver’s drastic measures to reduce weight by pushing some passengers overboard.

“I snapped boat 3A because they were shaking the boat due to fear, so their driver pushed some people down,” he revealed.

Responding to skepticism from a netizen, he pleaded for support, stating, “Please, you guys should help me. I need followers; we just got out from a Canadian prison.”

Despite the harrowing experience, the man emphasized that he has since returned to his motherland. In a cautionary tone, he discouraged others from attempting similar journeys, underscoring the inherent risks and the likelihood that such endeavors often end in tragedy.

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This gripping tale serves as a stark reminder of the perils faced by those who undertake dangerous migration routes in pursuit of a better life. It sheds light on the challenges encountered along the way, highlighting the importance of raising awareness about the dangers associated with irregular migration.

As we reflect on this individual’s journey, let it stand as a call to action for creating safer and more sustainable pathways for those seeking opportunities abroad, and a reminder that compassion and understanding are essential elements in addressing the complex issue of migration.

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Written by Grace Boahene

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