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Girl, 17, commits suicide after her mom reportedly stopped her from seeing her boyfriend

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A 17-year-old girl, identified simply as Taiwo, has committed suicide after her mom reportedly stopped her from going out to see her boyfriend.

It was gathered that the unfortunate incident occurred on Friday, October 21, in the Dalemo Alakuko area of Lagos State in Nigeria.

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According to a source, the teenager “ended it all because her mother forbade her from seeing her 19-year-old boyfriend, who completed WAEC last year.”

Meanwhile, it is not clear how she died.

Watch the video below:

Social media users are in shock over the news as many have expressed divided opinions.

Check out some sampled comments below:

Daniel: Parenting is the hardest job in the world right now, cos youths of this generation are very hard to control; They grow w!ngs & trying to correct or caution ’em often leads to resentment. My condolences to the family, the mom did the right thing but sadly it was n¤t well received.

Okafor: They should arrest the boyfriend oh. What and what has he given and told that lady that’s making her go wire wire. Because of boy !!!!!! This is a cacophony and laqual frusomnia.

Fisayor: I think parents need a lot of work to do, they should learn to handle things amicably. African parents too dey use command tone and authority which will make this children think their parents hate them. No be everything we go dey do gragra on top.

Victor: The parental approach was misguided here. It’s better to speak to the heart than lay laws of limitation. We’re emotional beings that need to be talked to with love.

Oromah: What will she tell God as the reason for taking her life ? Man? Man that will move on tomorrow tomorrow. Some of my gender dey mumu sha

King Sharrk: Baba God Abeg if you must gimme a girl child make she get sense Abeg

Gerrard: God please make I no born careless pikin

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