“Ghana is too boring” – Bobrisky states

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Nigerian socialite and brand influencer, Bobrisky, has argued in a new trending video that although Ghanaians are awesome set of people but the country is too boring for her to like and spend months over here.

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According to the crossdresser who’s currently in Ghana for a meet and greet campaign as well as a media tour plus influencing gigs, Ghana is a very cool place, unlike Nigeria where everyone seems to be angry and aggressive.

She also admitted that Ghanaians are very hospitable people as compared to her fellow citizens in Nigeria citing how she was treated at the airport and the hotel is currently lodging in.

Watch the video below to know more…


Ghanaians who are not very happy with Bobrisky’s description of Ghana as a boring country have slammed him in the comments section of the circulating video.

Some have advised him to immediately go back to his country since he claims to find Ghana very boring and calm.

beingmhizzbettyit’s too peaceful ? If that’s what she meant to say ? Lol we don’t like chaos

Who invited him here Eei her here

She will hear from Sam George

itsnanaamaWhy would you want to go through unnecessary stress at the airport, at the hotel, at the restaurant, meeting people? Why would you like harassment and extra Bribes? Ahhhhh Why

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