Erkuah Official Weeps As She Crosses Canopy Walkway At Kakum National Park

Erkuah Official, in a hilarious video, was close to tears as she walked across the canopy walkway at the Kakum National Park

The TikTok star was scared for her dear life as she walked on the wobbly canopy made of rope

She shared the video on her TikTok page, and fans in the comment section could not help but tease her

Popular content creator Erkuah Official, in a TikTok video, was on the brink of tears as she bravely walked the wobbly canopy walkway at the Kakum National Park.

Erkuah Official

The video showed Erkuah’s scary adventure as she gingerly walked on the famous canopy walkway, which is suspended high above a thick forest below. Ekuah Official, who is known for her humour and lively personality, this time was not her usual cheery self. As she walked along the narrow rope bridge, she wore a mix of anxiety and excitement on her face.

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The Kakum National Park, which is situated in the central region of Ghana, has been a famous tourist destination because of its canopy walkways, which have left even the bravest of people terrified. Many people in the comment section of the video shared their personal experiences on the walkway.

Many of her followers, however, could not help but laugh and tease her, pointing out her hilarious facial expressions.

Erkuah Official gets many laughing gathered some reactions from social media users.

sandibabes1 commented:

that was me a few years ago!!! Never again it was scary

xtieposh 76 reacted:

Akua did u put on pampers incase of emergency

Nana Aj reacted:

Herrrrh I don’t wanna remember my experience

Spendy baby ❤️❤️ teased:


Emma are you at my back

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Written by Emmanuel Nuotah

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