DJ Testifies at Coroner Inquest: MohBad’s Unfortunate Demise Following Injection


In the ongoing coroner inquest in Ikorodu investigating the death of late singer MohBad, the artist’s Disc Jockey, Ajisegiri Ayobami, revealed crucial details on Wednesday. Ayobami testified that MohBad began vomiting after being administered an injection by a nurse.

He recounted that MohBad regurgitated the noodles prepared by the late singer’s brother, Adura Aloba, after the injection. Ayobami shared that the preceding day, after a show in Ikorodu, MohBad had a confrontation with his friend, Primeboy, resulting in an injury when the Prado Jeep they were in was blocked.

According to the witness, MohBad’s hand, which initially had a small cut, had swollen by the time they reached home at midnight. Attempting to reach MohBad’s personal nurse proved futile, so they contacted a team member named Spending, who arranged for a nurse to administer an injection.

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Ayobami noted that MohBad was in good health before the nurse’s arrival but had fallen asleep by the time of the injection. He described finding water on the floor in MohBad’s room, prompting him to fetch a mop. However, upon his return, MohBad’s wife urgently called him upstairs.

Upon reaching MohBad, Ayobami discovered the singer collapsed on the floor, having vomited the Indomie Noodles he had consumed. Goosebumps were visible on MohBad’s body. The nurse suggested obtaining medication, and during Ayobami’s absence at the pharmacy, he received a call instructing him to return immediately.

When he returned, the group was attempting to transfer MohBad to a neighbor’s car for hospital transport. Ayobami observed MohBad as seemingly lifeless, with closed eyes and limp hands. Due to traffic, Ayobami ran to the hospital while the others were en route. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, MohBad had been confirmed dead.

The witness concluded by recounting the distressing scene and the futile efforts to save MohBad’s life. The inquest continues to unravel the circumstances surrounding the singer’s tragic passing.

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Written by George Addo

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