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Couple capture Witch flying outside their home at night [Video]

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A scary video of the moment a Nigerian couple captured an unidentified object hovering over their compound at night has sent chills down the spine of the internet.

The brave man filmed the incident around 3 am from the window of his room overlooking his compound after hearing creepy noises emanating from outside.

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In the trending video, the object supposed to be a witch or a ghost could be seen floating above a rickety van parked on the compound.

The man then woke up his wife to also come and catch a glimpse of the object lurking in the darkness.

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At one point in the footage, the scary figure charged at the couple as though it wasn’t pleased with them filming it and wanted to harm them, compelling them to run to safety.

Watch the video below

The horrific video has stoked mixed reactions online as a section of internet users couldn’t believe their eyes.

While the couple risked their lives to gather proof of what would have been regarded as a cock and bull story if narrated by mouth, some actually believe the video is a stunt.

What you make out of this video is at your discretion as GHPage cannot verify the claim of a witch being captured in the footage.

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