A Beautiful Milestone: Ghanaian Couple’s Joint Enrollment to the Ghana Bar

Imagine a love story that unfolds not just in the bonds of matrimony but also in the hallowed halls of justice. Well, that’s precisely what we’ve got for you today.

A Remarkable Occasion

Last Friday, October 20th, the Ghana School of Law played host to a remarkable event. Over a thousand aspiring lawyers gathered in their finest legal regalia for the 60th Ghana School of Law induction ceremony. It was a day filled with dreams, aspirations, and promises of justice.

Meet Ross Osei Owusu Esq and Sylvia Mamle Assem, Esq

At the center of this memorable occasion was the radiant Ross Osei Owusu Esq and the graceful Sylvia Mamle Assem Esq. The Ghanaian couple found themselves among the distinguished group of over a thousand lawyers who were officially inducted into the Ghana Bar that day.

A First in Ghana’s Legal History

What’s truly extraordinary about this is the fact that Ross and Sylvia are not just life partners; they are now legal partners as well.

They made history by becoming the first couple to enroll at the Ghana Bar simultaneously, side by side, in holy and blissful matrimony. It’s a heartwarming union of love and law, which, as we’ve found out, hasn’t happened before in the Ghana School of Law’s history.

Picture-Perfect Moments

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the images from the event certainly prove that. The couple looked every bit the part, clad in their professional regalia.

These moments were so picture-perfect that online users couldn’t help but gush over them.

Breaking Barriers and Setting Trends

The beautiful photographs from the ceremony were shared on social media, specifically on X (formerly known as Twitter), by @DeLaw_Platform. They accompanied the images with a heartfelt caption that celebrated Ross and Sylvia’s unique achievement.

”We introduce the couple who will be enrolled together at the same time, side by side, while in holy and blissful matrimony. Mr. Ross Osei Owusu Esq & Sylvia Mamle Assem Esq. We stand to be corrected, but as far as our research goes, this is a first,” the caption read.

Indeed, it is a first and a significant one at that. Ross Osei Owusu Esq and Sylvia Mamle Assem Esq are not just embarking on their legal careers; they’re also breaking barriers and setting inspiring new trends in the legal world.

A Beautiful Love Story in the World of Law

The Ghana School of Law’s 60th induction ceremony was undoubtedly a milestone for many aspiring lawyers, but it was especially remarkable for Ross and Sylvia.

Their joint enrollment to the Ghana Bar is not just a testament to their individual dedication and hard work but also to their enduring love and commitment to each other.


In a world often filled with stories of rivalry and competition, Ross Osei Owusu Esq and Sylvia Mamle Assem Esq’s story is a breath of fresh air.

It’s a reminder that love and career can go hand in hand, and together, they can create beautiful, historic moments that inspire us all. Here’s to this exceptional Ghanaian couple, who have shown us that love knows no bounds, not even the boundaries of the courtroom.

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Reactions to the couple’s pictures

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This is beautiful.

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I thought you were “two twins.”

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Can’t we do away with this colonial white wig?

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Written by Emmanuel Nuotah

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