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China Mall workers are paid GH¢580 monthly

China Mall workers are paid GH¢580 monthly

Workers at China Mall are paid GH580 gross monthly salary, which is equivalent to just $58.

This has emerged after the company issued a new directive asking workers not to forfeit their duties.

Per the communique issued to all workers by the company, any day a worker absents him/herself from work, it would be deducted from their paltry salaries.

Edem who had the exclusive information tweeted:

According to employees at China Mall

• They are paid ?580 p/m

• They have to work every day of the month

• Any day off is deducted from their salary

This has generated a series of online conversations where many are calling out China Mall. Meanwhile, others have intimated that China Mall has not broken any labour law since the salary they pay their workers is in tandem with the minimum wage of Ghana.

Nana_Kesse1 wrote:

Don’t blame China Mall, blame the govt. Minimum wage has been set at GHC13.53 per day. multiplied by 31 days is GHC419.43 per month. They are not breaking any labour law. They are just taking advantage of bad governance n a poor economy

imbrakoby wrote:

This hard economy and china mall is paying its workers Gh580 for 30days? Government can’t say sh!t because they decided to pay Gh559 as NSS allowance. I don’t even want to comment on teacher’s salaries.

elormdeezy wrote

I have worked at China Mall before. In 2018/19. After SHS. At then, we were paid 300gh per month. You have one day off in a week. Every other day, is a working day. When anything gets damage in course of work or by customers, the worker on duty bear the cost. On busy days Overtime becomes compulsory for all workers. We could work from 9am to 11/12. As if, that is not enough, we at times visit the house of the Chinese managers to clean, pack among others. They mostly call the females to do that for them. As to what happens to the girls after>>

the clean up, only God knows. I don’t know for now, but then, work was hell, you don’t have any right to rest or relax even when there’s nothing to do. The Chinese bosses always want to see you busy. When you are done with your work, they’ll assign you to something else>>>>>

The funny part of the experience is when we go for meetings, we parade like primary school kids with our fingers on our lips; you dare not pass a comment or raise a concern. Once you do, you receive a notice to quit work. Thus, you weigh the risk before you speak….. >>>>>

One may think, the problem is the Chinese bosses. But hell no, it has always been our fellow black supervisors who receive twice our salary (600gh). The Chinese promised to reward their loyalty by taking them to China to learn a skill. Thus, they went hard on we the ordinary>>>>>

Feeding the Chinese with atrocious and obnoxious information so as to win their non-existent trust. Our poor black supervisors were crude, rude and arrogant. They take advantage over the girls and assign hectic roles to the males after a lady they like.

The was an instance where one supervisor, served a worker a dismissal letter while the Chinese bosses were not aware. Lmao. Imma end here but working at china mall was hell. Thank God, life got better.

quabenagod wrote:

580gh? U go take transport,u go eat,u go buy clothes, how much would be left to save smh.u dey hse too somebody go think say u are lazy. U are literally working for nothing.

cocoakraachi wrote:

The sad problem is that these are the abusive employers Ghanaians serve with respect. If this shop belonged to a Ghanaian, with all the kind treatment, Ghanaian workers would disrespect management and steal all your goods.

@coldboyy wrote:

The Chinese people are taking advantage of the African citizen to make their own interests due to the lack of jobs which are supposed to be created by the government and its so sad, I don’t blame them. When u complain you will be sacked.

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