Armed men attempt to k!dnap footballer Neymar’s newborn daughter in Brazil as parents of his girlfriend are tied up (Video)

The parents of football star, Neymar’s girlfriend, Bruna Bianciardi, were tied up and robbed in an attempt to kidnap his newborn daughter in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it has been revealed

The residence located in the municipality of Cotia, was stormed by a criminal gang on Tuesday, November 7 according to R7 newspaper reports (via Marca).

The suspects, two of whom were armed, were looking for Bianciardi and the couple’s daughter, Mavie who were not at home. Neymar, who now plays for Saudi Arabia club, Al-Hilal was also not around.

Armed men attempt to k!dnap footballer Neymar

Bianciardi’s parents, however, were on the scene when the suspects invaded. R7 reports that the couple were tied up in their own home, but are not thought to be injured from the attack.

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Footage uploaded by Brazil’s Municipal Civil Guard (GCM) shows three suspects arriving to the house in a car. The GCM revealed that one individual, currently in custody, is a resident of the same condominium as the Bianciardis, thus granting them access to stage the invasion.

That suspect remains the only one detained by police. The other two managed to flee the scene after stealing luxury handbags, watches and jewellery.



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Written by Emmanuel Nuotah

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