The Notorious Dining Deceiver: Aidas J. Scams His Way into Infamy

So, picture this: you’re out for a delicious meal at a restaurant, savoring every bite of your delectable dish, and suddenly, the guy at the next table clutches his chest and falls dramatically to the floor.

You guessed it—another fake heart attack. But this wasn’t a scene from a Hollywood movie; it was the cunning act of a 50-year-old Lithuanian man, known simply as Aidas J.

This serial scammer has made headlines for all the wrong reasons as he attempted to dine and dash using his “heart-stopping” performances.

Aidas J. Strikes Again: The Scam Saga

Aidas J. gained quite a reputation for himself in the charming coastal town of Alicante, Spain, where he attempted to swindle at least 20 different restaurants in the past year.

His modus operandi was as unique as it was audacious. Dressed in fancy designer clothes, he would pose as a Russian tourist and embark on a gastronomic adventure.

He’d order a little bit of everything, from a Russian salad to multiple glasses of whiskey and a hefty main course, which might be a mouthwatering entrecote or a delightful seafood platter.

But it’s not his order that’s got everyone talking; it’s his exit strategy. In his most recent performance at a local restaurant in September, Aidas ordered a seafood paella and a couple of whiskeys, which left him with a bill totaling 34.85 euros (or about $50.51 CAD).

When it came time to pay up, Aidas had no intentions of doing so. He attempted a swift getaway, but the eagle-eyed restaurant staff wasn’t having any of it.

The Dramatic Act: A “Heart Attack” on the Menu

As Aidas was about to make his escape, the restaurant’s staff intervened. They firmly requested that he settle his bill, and this is where things got Hollywood-level dramatic.

Faced with the prospect of paying for his meal, Aidas suddenly clutched his chest and collapsed onto the floor, simulating a heart attack. It was a scene straight out of a blockbuster film, and the restaurant manager, Moisés Doménech, recalled the theatrics with awe.

Instead of dialing 911, the restaurant staff knew better this time. They immediately called the local authorities, who wasted no time in identifying the mastermind behind the melodrama.

It turned out that Aidas had been performing this act one too many times, and his antics had not gone unnoticed.

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The Notorious Culprit: Aidas’ Photo Warning

The authorities weren’t taking any chances with this seasoned conman. Before the most recent incident, they had already circulated photos of Aidas to alert other restaurant staff to be on their guard. It seemed that everyone in town had received a warning with his photo, advising them to exercise extreme caution and not serve him a thing.

Despite the relatively small-scale nature of his crimes – each bill usually ranged from 13 to 60 euros – Aidas found himself in a spot of bother. Following his latest arrest, which concluded a two-month scam spree, he was sentenced to a 42-day jail term.

The Verdict: Dining Deception Comes to an End

Aidas J.’s dining escapades have undoubtedly come to an end, but his story will live on as one of the most audacious and theatrical scams in recent memory. It’s a stark reminder to restaurants and staff everywhere that not all dramatic performances deserve an Oscar. Some, like Aidas’s, are better off behind bars.

So, if you ever find yourself dining in Alicante and a fellow patron suddenly appears to have a heart attack, don’t be too quick to panic. It might just be Aidas J. trying to pull off another scam. Thankfully, this chapter of theatrical dining deception seems to have finally closed.

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Written by Emmanuel Nuotah

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