Actor Prince David Osei Hints at Presidential Aspirations

Prince David Osei

In a surprising revelation, actor Prince David Osei has hinted at his political ambitions, suggesting that the presidency might be in his future.

Taking to Twitter on a Monday, the actor expressed his determination to pursue a presidential role, even in the face of apparent reluctance from his colleagues in the entertainment industry to support him. In a lighthearted tone, he humorously acknowledged the undeniable “calling” to become the president, despite his initial attempts to evade it.

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He remarked, “Chief Daddy, No matter how hard I try to avoid the calling, everything shows I have to be the president someday that’s why my friends in the game don’t want to support me… But what is written is written…”

This marks the first time Prince David has publicly discussed his potential presidential aspirations. While primarily recognized for his contributions to the entertainment industry, he has also been actively engaged in the political arena. Notably, he campaigned for President Akufo-Addo during the 2020 presidential elections, showcasing his support for the political leader.

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Written by Grace Boahene

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