3 reasons why your hands are shaking

Shaking of hands is commonly associated with medical issues. There are many reasons one’s hands are likely to start shaking. Here are the reasons why your hands are shaking.

1. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep may result in malfunctioning of the brain. The brain requires one to sleep to regenerate new cells that are important in body functioning. Lack of sleep deprives the body of getting new cells and this can lead to shaking of hands.

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2. Post-traumatic stress disorder

The tremor caused by stress can be another reason why one experiences shaking of the hands. If you happen to experience tremors caused by stress in the past, there is a likelihood of one to have shaken hands.

3. Low blood sugar

When the brain lacks proper nourishment, there is a high likelihood of one experiencing shaky hands. Blood sugar is one of the important nourishment of the brain and a shortage of it causes shaky hands.

4. Side effects of medication

It is always advisable for people to never consume drugs without the doctor’s advice. Doing so may result in some effects, which one of them might be shaking of hands.

5. Excess caffeine

Taking something in excess have always a side effect. Similar to caffeine, consuming a lot of it tampers with the functioning of the nervous system causing shaking hands.

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Written by Emmanuel Nuotah

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