3 islands that appeared and then mysteriously disappeared without a trace

“Vanishing Wonders: Exploring Mysterious Phantom Islands

Phantom islands, ephemeral landmasses that emerge and disappear, add an intriguing layer to the world of cartography. These enigmatic formations often find their way onto maps, only to be later removed due to doubts about their existence, misidentifications, or the ever-changing nature of the seas.

1. Sandy Island: The Illusion on Maps

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Sandy Island, situated between Australia and New Caledonia, entered maps after the French reportedly discovered it in 1876. Even Google Maps featured this phantom isle. Numerous expeditions sought Sandy Island, but the 2012 Australian scientific voyage, equipped with GPS and advanced mapping tools, debunked its existence. To their astonishment, the location only revealed open sea, leading to the conclusion that Sandy Island was a mere cartographic mirage.

2. Bermeja Island: Vanishing Act Off the Yucatán Coast

Bermeja, a phantom island off the Yucatán’s north coast, persisted on maps until 1984. Initially appearing in the early 20th century, it was included in navigation charts. The Mexican government’s search, however, found no trace of the island, suggesting it likely never existed. Bermeja’s disappearance remains a mystery, leaving behind questions about its historical inclusion in geographical records.

3. Ferdinandea Island (Graham Island): A Volcanic Mirage

Ferdinandea Island, or Graham Island, emerged in 1831 following an underwater volcanic eruption. Territorial disputes over its ownership involved Britain, France, Spain, and the Kingdom of Sicily. However, within months, the island vanished, rendering the disputes unresolved. Resurfacing briefly in 1863, Ferdinandea Island again succumbed to the ocean depths, becoming a symbol of the transient nature of these mysterious and elusive phantom islands.

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Written by George Addo

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