Controversial Wedding Video Sparks Debate Over Doorway Etiquette


A recently trending video capturing an unusual incident at a wedding has sparked mixed reactions among viewers. The footage shows the bride and groom attempting to pass through a doorway simultaneously, resulting in a struggle as neither is willing to yield to the other.

Critics have taken issue with the groom’s perceived lack of gentlemanly behavior, expressing disappointment at his failure to let the bride go first. On the other hand, some viewers have voiced concern for the bride, questioning the dynamics of the situation

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The central moment of the video unfolds as the groom and bride engage in a tense struggle to navigate a small iron sheet doorway together. Ultimately, the groom manages to somewhat maneuver the bride to emerge first, followed by a stern look and inaudible words exchanged between them.

The incident has ignited a debate on social media, with discussions revolving around traditional gender roles and the expectations associated with wedding etiquette. Opinions vary, with some condemning the groom’s actions and others speculating on the dynamics of the couple’s relationship.

The viral video has become a focal point for discussions on social norms and expectations surrounding weddings, inviting viewers to reflect on the significance of gestures and actions in such symbolic moments.


@axmedzaki440 shared the confusing clip on TikTok and has amassed over 14.5 million views at the time of this report.

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Watch the video below:

People criticised the groom


“I no see anyone tapping into their blessing ooo.”

Maryannqueenofficial said:

“That’s why I dont rush for marriage. I need to be happy and not to make community happy in the name of marriage.”

user9613995500663 said:

“Why didn’t he let her get out first? They both fought to be the first out.”

DJ Fago said:

“This guy is scared and at the same time he is asking her why is she scared…”

Rahel said:

“If he disrespect her from the beginning what will happen then? run sis.”

Lushell Hamilton265 said:

“Why couldn’t he be a gentleman and let the bride walk out first.”

Muna Ubax said:

“Why he mad at her he got scared too so sorry sister.”

Tracy Tasha Bree

“This marriage already has problems.. Can’t let her walk out first even on the wedding.”

The bride refuses to hug the groom

With an unwelcoming countenance, the unhappy bride folded her hands as the groom moved to hug her.

Seeing that she would not come into his open arms, the groom got closer and forcefully hugged her and got a kiss from her the same way. The bride did not still smile afterwards. Guests surrounded

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Written by Grace Boahene

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