Kyekeyeku Tells Delay Why He Is Single, Says He Fears Women

Kyekyeku, in an interview with Delay on The Delay Show, shared the reason why he was single and without a woman

The young actor revealed that he does not get the attention of the ladies because he is too scared to approach and talk to woman

Kyekyeku also added that one of the reasons he was single was because of the tedious nature of his job as an actor

Talented Ghanaian actor Kyekyeku, in an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay, on The Delay Show, revealed why he is currently without a partner.

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The actor, who has captured the hearts of many Ghanaians with his acting skills, disclosed that he was single because he finds it challenging to approach and engage with women.

Kyekyeku explained that his work as an actor often requires him to be in the spotlight, but off-screen, he has issues with shyness, especially when it comes to interacting with women.

“I’m single because I’m quite shy, and I find it difficult to approach and talk to women,” Kyekyeku admitted during the interview. His honesty was met with understanding by Delay, although she was a bit surprised by his statement.

While Kyekyeku’s charismatic on-screen persona may suggest otherwise, he shared that his real-life personality is quite different from the confident characters he portrays in movies.

Additionally, Kyekyeku pointed out that the demanding nature of his job as an actor plays a role in his single status. He mentioned that the long hours on set and the need to travel frequently for filming have left him with limited free time to pursue romantic relationships.

Kyekyeku and 39/40 praise Ras Nene

In a related story, Kyekyeku and 39/40, in the same interview on The Delay Show, shared their experience on their recent trip abroad and their rise to stardom,

The two young movie stars who gained stardom from featuring in Ras Nene’s skits shared how they met Ras Nene and their journey to the top.

Many Ghanaians were happy about how much the two young actors’ lives have transformed and praised Ras Nene for his impact.


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Written by George Addo

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