Breaking Barriers: Ghanaian Nurse Leah Afoakwa Esq. Takes on Dual Roles in Nursing and Law

In a recent interview, Leah Afoakwa Esq., a dedicated Ghanaian nurse, shared her inspiring journey as part of the 2023 Bar cohort. This remarkable achievement reflects her unwavering commitment to not only save lives through nursing but also defend them in the legal arena.

Leah expressed her motivation to navigate the demands of both nursing and law through strategic planning. She envisions a harmonious balance between these roles, showcasing her dedication to making a meaningful impact in both fields.

One of Leah’s goals is to impart her legal knowledge to her healthcare colleagues, fostering a deeper understanding of the legal implications within the medical sector. Her unique position as a healthcare professional and a lawyer offers a valuable opportunity to raise awareness, especially concerning issues related to medical negligence.



When asked about managing the dual responsibilities, Leah exuded confidence, emphasizing her commitment to both professions. Her determination to create a positive impact is evident in her approach to blending her expertise in nursing and law.

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Herladyship Awo Dearest the lawyer nurse

“I will strategize in order to meet the demands of both professions. I intend to impart the knowledge I have acquired unto my colleagues in the healthcare profession and to also enlighten them on the increasing rate of medical negligence suits.”


Leah Afoakwa Esq.’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals looking to break barriers and make a difference in multiple domains. Her story highlights the potential for positive change when individuals bring diverse skills and perspectives to their respective fields.

As Leah steps into her dual roles, she stands as a beacon of empowerment and a testament to the endless possibilities that come with determination and a passion for creating a positive impact. We look forward to witnessing the continued success of this exceptional Ghanaian nurse and lawyer.

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Written by George Addo

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